Optari Bags and Backpacks

Sol Tote Bag - Nostalgia + Fad

Optari wanted us to design a tote-bag inspired by the popular Crocs shoes, to be a fashion accessory for girls and young women.

The “Sol” Tote Bag used the sole of the shoe as the bottom surface, so the bag can stand on its own next to you. The other elements of the bag also mimicked the shoes - patterns, curves, buttons and holes for personalizing the bag with charms. The holes for charms allow the owner to express their style, making this bag even more noticeable and unique. The nature of the EVA material makes it brightly colored, durable, waterproof and easy to keep clean, an ideal combination for taking it to the pool or the beach.

Backpack - Visual Brand Identity

Next, Optari wanted us to create a backpack that has the same visual DNA as the Sol Tote Bag. Its EVA front has the same fun visual feel with the holes for personalization with charms. The backpack is made for both boys and girls, so the shape is playful and keeps a unisex appeal.