Neotop Infant Formula Dispenser

Understanding behavior to prevent illness

NeoTop is a formula dispenser that makes preparing baby formula safe, accurate and easy.

Designed in collaboration with a Neonatologist, the goal was to create safer method of storing and measuring formula than what was available on the market.

One of the leading reasons of infant sickness and even death related to formula consumption is hygiene. Every time the traditional formula scoop is exposed to the environment, there is risk of exposure to pathogens.

The NeoTop dispenser encloses the formula at all times and only dispenses the desired amount. It is designed so that human hands do not accidentally touch the formula, to prevent potential contamination. The dispenser has 5 dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

The outside design is clean and minimal so it is easy to use and keep clean. But the inside mechanism is more complex, making sure that formula does not get stuck and that each turn of the handle quickly delivers the same precise serving every time.