Nature's Cooling Solutions "Eco Breeze" Air Conditioner

Eco Breeze allows for a new type of cooling: fresh air cooling uses Mother Nature’s cool air to remove heat during periods of low outdoor temperature and humidity. It does this automatically, so you do not need to think of when to open and close windows in order to get that yummy fresh air. By taking advantage of free cooler outdoor air, it saves you money and brings healthy air into your home. This can greatly reduce the effects of sick building syndrome.

This products is bought for its function, and needed to fit into many different home decor styles. Rather than trying to draw attention to itself, the simple and quiet form allows it to assimilate into different surroundings. 

The color is a neutral off-white. The vent flaps and the dashboard are shaped and placed in a calm geometric composition. Because the product protrudes a bit into the room where it is installed, the top and edges are rounded and radiused to soften the look and make it more friendly for the user.