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3D Chocolate Pen
This is a food decorating 3D-pen that writes with melted chocolate.

The long and messy process of melting and decorating with chocolate is repackaged in a stylish, quick, easy and mess-free experience.

All there is to do is: Insert the chocolate refill, turn the pen on, and start decorating. When done, simply turn the pen off and store it for the next time. The chocolate refill is melted during the decorating as needed. No more mistakes of melting too much or running out of melted chocolate in the middle of the decorating. The pen fits comfortably in the hand; its shape mimics that of a regular pen. As it is the most natural shape that our hand is trained to write and draw with.

The squared end of the pen is created to protect the pen from rolling off the counter.

Interchangeable tips allow for more decorating options.